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Commitment to customer's mandate, expectation and satisfaction

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Company derives its drive to satisfy customers’ automation needs from cutting edge competencies it has built over the years and special care is taken to continuously upgrade in-house competencies to provide solutions commensurate to emerging needs of sectors being served.

Every TECHMISSION Project starts with detailed planning, meaningful coordination and continues with proven execution methodology. Projects are managed from specification to system acceptance while putting industry best practices, tools, and processes to use. System Specification and Surveys form the early part of the detailed planning.

Well-designed control system is backbone of desired system transparency, productivity, reliability, maintenance, record keeping, and ultimately all customer goals achievement. TECHMISSION has the capabilities and commitment to deliver solutions that meet customer specifications. In-house Capability is maintained in following areas of work-

Bill of Materials

Conduit Layout and Cable Interconnect Drawings

Control Loop Diagrams

Control Panel Design

Electrical & Control System Design

Electrical Load Studies

E-Plan Design Service

Hardware / Software Specification

Hardware / Software Design & Documentation

Hardware / Software Bench Testing

Schematic Development

Sequence of Operation Documents

Since the very inception in 1995, deploying PLCs has been core of TECHMISSION strategy. Today our extensive experience coupled with proven track record as a Solution source shows that company has capabilities to write open, consistent, well documented, and easily maintainable programs. TECHMISSION sustains in-house capabilities of writing in Programming Languages like Ladder Logic, Sequential Function Charts, Function Block Diagram, Structured Text, Instruction List and more

SCADA & HMI Development

Industrial Network Development using-


Fiber Optic


ControlNet, Remote I/O

Ethernet/IP &TCP/IP RS232, 422 & 485






TECHMISSION sustains Engineers to support the Implementation, Start-up and Commissioning of Customer Processes and Plants. Well documented commissioning procedures follow industry best practices and standards in compliance with safety regulations. These Engineers also train customers' plant personnel in Control System Operation and Maintenance.

Instrumentation / Final Control Device Procurement & Integration

Instrumentation Implementation

Loop Design and Implementation

Start-Up, and Commissioning

Field Supervisory Services

Validation and Acceptance Testing

TECHMISSION provides easy to understand Operation Manual and Technical Documentation necessary for successful use of Equipment supplied.